Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to recover the $400 million dollars wasted on the so-called Bronx Hall of Justice

First, clear everybody out of the new courthouse and put them back in the not so old two courthouses (the newest old opened in 1977!).  With crime down 75% before the new one opened for business there must be ample room for all functions in the not so old two.

Then open up the brand new one -- I would style it "Mad Mayor Bloomberg's Courthouse" -- for viewing in the public areas for $5 for the day or something.  Could put in a restaurant and souvenir area, etc.  More money could get you a guided tour through the non-pubic areas.  We could advertise it on other continents as a tourist attraction.  Sure, we are not talking of the Statue of Liberty -- but it would be sort of a government waste wonder of the world.  Tours through the entire building could take half a day -- empty area, after empty area, after completely wasted empty area.

Even if we did not pick up that many millions in tourist money ($400 millions is a lot to make up!), the exhibition could save the city millions every year by inspiration not to repeat the mistake over and over in smaller ways -- could potentially save the country billions a year by the same example.

Could not do it with the $670 million dollar new courthouse in Brooklyn -- which I assume is an equal story of waste; but I'm from the Bronx.  Same opening after crime went down 75% but it doesn't look like the first building site erected by Martians when they landed -- all glass and flying saucer jury selection space to boot.  As a matter of fact the Brooklyn boondoggle looks like an very expanded version of the older, landmark courthouse up on the Grand Concourse -- so it seems the landmark could not be too outmoded.

Just an idea.

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