Friday, March 15, 2013

TSA revokes knife ban: "Take me to Cuba" :-)

Of course the "American way" of dealing with this TSA rule would be for everybody to carry a knife on a plane. Just kidding. The first time a terrorist -- or just a lunatic (nah; none of them around) -- puts a knife to a stewardess' throat and insists on diverting to Cuba or just staying in the air long enough for the gas to get dangerously low, the ruling will be rectified. May not take long.

Come to think of it -- and the crazies will -- if you get four well trained (Seal like) middle eastern terrorists or our own right wing militia nuts (think Timothy McVeigh) who want to make a name for themselves, they could go through a smaller airliner (80 people) in a tight ball and kill every passenger on the plane one at a time.  The wouldn't crash the plane but it would be a flying coffin.  Just the type of obscene scene that keeps these types up dreaming nights (may be working on it already).

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