Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Pink Donald: The Wall (afraid of swarthy skins)

Anti-wall campaign slogan:
Pink Donald: The Wall (afraid of swarthy skins)

Situation: 12 million illegal immigrants — maybe 2/3 overworked/underpaid Mexicans.

Just think: 1 out of 40 persons among us is an overworked/underpaid Mexican — and it’s all our fault for not spending tens or hundreds of billions of dollars building a Maginot Line barrier to keep them out. Just imagine: we still have time to build the laughing stock of the world. Can’t think of the link but: according to US and Mexican authorities, Mexican emigration to US steadily down for 10 years — one source said by three; the other by ten.

Hundreds of years from now archeologists are going to dig up the ruins of American civilization and find that it was 8 million underpaid/overworked Mexicans who brought everything down.

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