Friday, November 11, 2016

We can always hope: impeach Donald!

We can always hope.

What would happen if Donald Trump was impeached?
The Independent‎ – 1 day ago
This guy has such an overactive scurrilous past that a Watergate type Albatross could hang over him his whole term — however short (fingers crossed) that may be.

NBC decides not to air ‘SVU’ episode about President-elect Trump’s rape accusation
Death and Taxes‎ – 1 day ago

Trump Rape Accuser Dismisses Suit [technicality -- unaided by attorney filed under wrong statute -- will be back]
The Daily Beast‎ – 2 days ago


Woman accusing Trump of raping her at 13 cancels her plan to go public [death threats]
The Guardian, Nov 3

With Bloom coming on board Doe appeared – until the press conference fiasco – to have acquired considerable additional legal and media firepower.

The founder and owner of The Bloom Firm, which handles family, civil and criminal cases in California and New York, has in the past sued the Boy Scouts of America and the Los Angeles police department. Bloom hosts a Court TV talkshow and is a legal analyst for NBC News.
. . .
Judge Ronnie Abrams has ordered counsel for Trump and Epstein to appear in his New York district court along with Doe’s legal team for an initial status conference on 16 December. That raises the extraordinary prospect, were Trump to win the election, of counsel for a US president-elect being called into federal court in proceedings relating to allegations of rape of an underage girl.

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